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The Flag Of The Lunar Republic

Flag of the Lunar Republic

"A simple design which symbolizes our goals and aspirations..."

That was the task given to a team of graphic designers who were asked to devise a flag to represent the newly-minted Lunar Republic. What the team came up with was something both simple and elegant — in a word, perfection.

The flag of the Lunar Republic is an unpretentious standard in basic colors, but instantly recognizable by the message it conveys. The bottom third of the flag is a field of blue that represents the Earth (the "Blue Planet") from which we came; the upper two-thirds encompass a field of plain black, representing the night sky and outer space; finally, centered in the upper field is a white disk that symbolizes the full and radiant Moon.

The flag also represents the citizens of the Lunar Republic themselves, immediately identifying those of us who have made the commitment to the future of lunar development our own objective.

Would you like a FREE Lunar Republic flag of your own? Send us a self-addressed standard envelope (US #10 or International DL) and we'll mail you a Lunar Republic 2.5"x4" weatherproof vinyl sticker at no charge. No return postage is necessary -- we'll pay for the postage if you'll provide the envelope!

Our address is:

244 5TH AVE STE 2757
NEW YORK NY 10001-7945

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Limit one free flag per request.
Envelopes that are not pre-addressed by the requestor will be discarded.

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