Looking for the best books on the Moon (or on Earth, for that matter)? How about the perfect poster of the Moon for your office or classroom? Or a globe showing the lunar surface? You'll find the greatest selection of Moon-themed items right here in The Lunar Shops™!

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Authorized by the Lunar Republic Society.

From The Lunar Registry
Whether or not you ever get to visit your own little corner of the Moon, lunar real estate makes an excellent collector's item, a great way to show your support for the Lunar Republic Society, and the perfect, fun gift for friends, colleagues and family members! Select your acreage from a variety of premium properties in locations that include the Sea Of Tranquility, the Lunar Alps and the Ocean Of Storms. Includes beautifully engraved deed and actual satellite property photo. A unique, affordable gift idea for any occasion, including Christmas, birthdays, promotions, graduation and Valentine's Day!

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The Full Moon Atlas -- interactive map of the lunar moonThe Full Moon Atlas
Standard Edition

Interactive CD-ROM for Windows PC. Click here for free preview!

From Lunar Republic Interactive
A collection of more than forty of the finest lunar photomaps available to the public, each with a "virtual overlay" that allows feature names to appear when you move your mouse over geographic formations. Includes a detailed lunar glossary, phase calculator, exploration timeline, biographies of lunar explorers and many more features. More than 2500 lunar features are included. Great for classroom, astronomy reference, or for learning more about our nearest neighbor in the sky.

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Lunar Wall Map from National GeographicNational Geographic
Lunar Wall Map

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Lithograph on paper, 42"x48"

From The National Geographic Store
A beautiful 42x28" wall map of the Moon, showing the near and far sides. As you have come to expect, this splendid map is exquisitely detailed in true National Geographic style, with additional inset information on lunar phases, eclipses and more. Great for classroom, library or home office.

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The Moon: Resources, Future Development and ColonizationThe Moon: Resources, Future
Development and Colonization

Wiley-Praxis Series in Space Science and Technology.

By David G. Schrunk, Burton L. Sharpe,
Bonnie L. Cooper and Madhu Thangavelu

Taking the reader from plans already at an advanced stage for the next ten years to well into the next century, this work discusses the rationale for future activities, and shows how this future development could take place. The book shows the potential for lunar bases and colonies, and shows that it is an ideal site for scientific laboratories dedicated to geosciences, astronomy and life sciences, and most importantly its role as a proving ground and launch pad for future Solar System exploration.

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Replogle 12" Moon Globe

Desktop 12" globe with base.

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From The Discovery Store
This extraordinary 12" globe accurately depicts the geographical features of the Moon, including craters, maria (seas) and mountain ranges. Includes distinctive base. Approved by the Lunar Republic and NASA.

Diameter: 12" (30 cm)
Height: 15" (38 cm)
Weight: 3.7 lbs. (1.7 kg)
Replogle #38245

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Lunar Republic Authorized MerchandiseLunar Republic Society
Authorized Merchandise

T-shirts, caps, coffee mugs and more.

From Cafe Shops
Show your support for the Lunar Republic Society with great logo merchandise, including T-shirts, sweatshirts and baseball caps. Mouse pads, coffee mugs and other items are also available.

All profits from sales of Lunar Republic Authorized Merchandise are donated to organizations that are working toward the goal of Lunar exploration, colonization and development.

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Antonin Rukl Atlas of the MoonAtlas Of The Moon

By Antonín Rükl
Published by Kalmbach Books. 224 pages. $34.95 (US)

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The "must-have" atlas for lunar astronomers and enthusiasts, Antonín Rükl's extraordinary compendium of lunar geography includes 76 sectional maps of the Moon's near side, masterfully drawn by the author, one of the world's most renowned astronomers and director of the Prague Observatory. Considered by legions of amateur and professional astronomers to be the essential ingredient in your lunar reference library. A hard-to-find favorite!
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Moon Poster based on Rükl's Atlas!

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Space-Themed Paintings
and Related Collectables

Including autographs, memorabilia and lithographs.

From NovaSpace Galleries
Art and science: Complete opposites? Not here! Space art has reunited these two disciplines as they once were during the Renaissance. Space art is an exciting hybrid whose artisans produce skilled and precise work that still evokes the emotional and visual impact of traditional fine art. Featuring an extensive line of magnificent space-theme artwork, including paintings by Apollo astronaut Alan Bean (his "Right Stuff Field Geologists" is shown here), NovaSpace Galleries has something for everyone -- from serious investors to casual collectors.

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